The chilean miners

Jose Henriquez, a miner for 33 years, requested 33 Bibles and led prayer sessions. Ariel Ticona watched a video of his daughter being born.

Seeing it, one veteran miner wept, knowing that his colleagues were doomed. Even Mario Sepulveda, their charismatic leader who was nicknamed Super Mario for his irrepressibly positive attitude, has battled suicidal feelings.

Twenty-four hours later, all 33 miners were out. Edison Pena, the miner who later ran the New York City Marathon and Ariel Ticona, would run in the tunnels of the mine to stay fit and stay busy while he and his comrades were trapped.

2010 Copiapó mining accident

Esperanza is the Spanish word for hope. His co-worker, Franklin Lobos, disagreed. Getty Images On Sept. But the end of their ordeal was still far away. A few did work underground in the years that followed, because it was the only work they could get, and that was difficult for them, it was very traumatic.

People saw the pictures of the rescue and they thought our hell was over Mario Sepulveda Five years and three months after they emerged from their subterranean prison there are simply degrees of bad.

What became of the Chilean miners five years on?

Finding jobs has proved difficult. When the first and only escape shaft reached the miners, the three plans in operation were: Jose Henriquez, a miner for 33 years, requested 33 Bibles and led prayer sessions. Seeing it, one veteran miner wept, knowing that his colleagues were doomed.

His co-worker, Franklin Lobos, disagreed. Others could not, realizing that if one of them died, they might have to consider such action. All are as poor as they were before. In time, drilling experts from around the world would join the effort. Ticona's daughter, Esperanza, was born while he was underground, and he was able to watch a video of her birth while in the mine.

Slice of peach for 33 Rescuers workers finally drilled a small hole to the miners after 17 days, but their ordeal was far from over. Smell of the grave In order to ration food, the miners would eat one scoop of tuna fish and two cookies once a day, at noon.

2010 Chilean Mine Rescue Fast Facts

Mining in Chile Chile's long tradition in mining has made the country the world's top producer of copper. Director Riggen has delivered a film that taps into the multitude of emotions for the different groups of people, rather than concentrating on the miserable situation of the miners.

They were invited to Disney World. EPA While the men managed to support each other during their times of dire starvation, there was a greater danger in strong, healthy men dealing with this collective frustration in the pits of hell, and their confrontations grew increasingly heated.

CNN honored them as heroes in Los Angeles.First look review The 33 review – solidly made but cumbersome chronicle of Chilean miners' miraculous rescue 3 out of 5 stars.

The story quickly went global, and the Chilean media put the miners’ chances for survival at “less than 2%.” The trapped miners gather together on Oct.

Chilean miners are rescued after 69 days underground

13,as the rescue mission begins. Chile’s then-President Sebastian Pinera holds up a plastic bag containing a message from the miners that reads, “We are OK in the refuge, the 33 miners” on Aug. 22, AP For some of the miners, this led to complications. Some of the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped in a mine for 69 days have spoken out recently on A Thai soccer team has been trapped in a cave for two weeks.

Aug 04,  · Five years after the Chilean mine collapse, the spotlight on the miners has faded, leaving some struggling to adjust to regular life. Jul 13,  · Read CNN's Fast Facts about the rescue of 33 miners from a collapsed mine in the Atacama region of northern Chile.

The chilean miners
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