Indirectness in l1 and l2 academic writing

Assertions based on real-life situations: Appropriate Methodology and Social Context. Research on culture in language pedagogy and teacher education: The Turkish essay topic was: Wiley,invited, forthcoming. For example, some participants said they intentionally avoided using questions in English essays because they were writing for an American audience and thought Americans would not appreciate it.

Paper presented in the 9th International pragmatics conference by International Pragmatics Association. Similar and dissimilar uses of the common patterns across L1 and L2, on the other hand, were found to be influenced by cultural as well as various other factors such as audience, L2 level, disciplinary background, and previous reading experiences.

Second language perspectives on research and practice. Okan Logos, ethos Logos 4. One participant also said he likes reading the works of philosophers such as Nietzsche in which questions are valued as objective while answers are subjective and not real. The social basis of literacy: The number of figurative or adorned language use e.

The interplay between culture and writing: Literacy in the new media age. For example, it was found that participants consciously avoided questions in English essays because they thought it would not be approved by the American audience and they chose certain evidence types with the influence of the established argument practices in their own profession e.

Exploring Cultural Influences and Transfer Issues 3. University Press of America, Parallel to these findings, all participants used numerous examples to illustrate their ideas.

Th e reasons that non-native speaker NNS second language wr iting appears vag ue and indire ct may lie in the specif ic and conte xtual uses of indirectne ss devices in Engli sh writing rather than in the fac t that they are used.

An introduction to the ecology of written language. Ali Went to an English medium junior high Yes B. Hedging in science research articles. Citing or quoting authority and analogies seemed to be preferred more in Turkish whereas real-life examples were preferred more in English essays.

The frequencies and types of evidence used e. IDEAL, 7, Analysis of the evidence: Erdem English medium high school and university, Yes B.

This study, based on corpus analysis, compares specific indirectness devices employed in native speaker NS and NNS student essays and focuses on NS and NNS uses of twenty-one rhetorical, lexical, referential deicticand syntactic indirectness devices. The same computation was done separately for each of the indirectness devices and for each of the 36 Turkish and English essays of all participants.

Current trends and future directions in ELT: Analysis and Practices pp. Has been in the US Engineering, M.Yu-Hua Chen and Paul Baker Lexical Bundles in L1 and L2 Academic Writing Language Learning & Technology 31 bundles.

For example, most bundles in conversation are clausal, whereas most bundles in academic prose. Th e reasons that non-native speaker (NNS) second language wr iting appears vag ue and indire ct may lie in the specif ic and conte xtual uses of indirectne ss devices in Engli sh writing rather than in the fac t that they are used.

PUBLICATIONS. Books. Teaching Academic L2 Writing: The effect of essay prompts and topics on the uses of modal verbs in L1 and L2 academic writing, Journal of Pragmatics 41/4, () Indirectness in L1 and L2 academic writing.

Journal of Pragmatics, 27/3, () This paper presents a quantitative analysis of deictic, modifying, and intensifying adverbials, as well as several semantic classes of adverb clauses, and compares their median frequency rates in academic essays written by first-year NS and academically-advanced NNS students.

Writing in the university: education, knowledge and reputation

Experts on L2 writing specify that indirectness markers need to be used judiciously and that vagueness should be avoided because the writer seeks to create an impression of explicitness, accuracy, precision, and rational support.

Indirectness in LI and L2 academic writing Eli Hinkel* ESL Program, Xavier University, Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, OH USA Received August ; revised version May Abstract Indirectness strategies and markers have been identified in written discourse in many lan­ guages, including English.

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Indirectness in l1 and l2 academic writing
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