Humour and leadership

As "the Great Cackler," he was represented as a goose, and as such was said to have laid the egg from which the sun was hatched.

A Leader's Mood

Anatomy of an Illness was the best-selling, groundbreaking classic by Norman Cousins on combating life-threatening illness through humor and patient participation in care. Ultimately I find I not only love my job because of what I get to do, I genuinely enjoy my job because of the people I get to work with, my teammy students and my clients.

Even Nike derives from the ancient Greek cult of Athena Nike. These higher-order beliefs largely constitute the hierarchical cognitive richness we think essential for an adequate account of humor.

The next person was a lawyer. You try to see the light side of all situations. We conquered outer space but not inner space.

That ought to do it. Here lies the link to Humour and leadership which are meant to shock us by ignoring, misusing or defying the convention which governs our speech and thought.

Unless this dialectic is recaptured in its dynamic movement, the curious conjunction of extreme purity and impurity, chastity and sexual transgression, brahmin and outcaste, total devotion Humour and leadership the hero and characteristic betrayals, and so on, privileged position Complementing this dynamic response of the gods to presumptuous imbalance is a recognition of a tendency for the gods to be "bored" with divine equilibirum: He begins closing arguments with, "As Ally McBeal once said Can you ask a trusted acolyte if the atmosphere changes when you are away?

Renewing Yourself and Connecting with Others through Mindfulness, Hope and Compassion, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee explain that resonant leaders create a positive emotional tone in the organization and engage and inspire people. It is still early days and despite the proliferation of mainstream Mirandas and Millicans, television and radio audiences are still acclimatising to the astringent sassiness of female humour epitomised by the likes of Sara Pascoe, Bridget Christie, Susan Calman and Katherine Ryan.

Attempts are being made to determine how Administratium can be controlled to prevent irreversible damage, but results to date are not promising. They may be understood to engender and sustain many of the social problems and the failure to respond effectively to them. I noticed as passengers arrived the other drivers were all meeting their lifts, all except one!

Aim for a calm, relaxed mood, and a consistent, positive approach.

The Ordinary Leader by Randy Grieser

Successful women have spent the best part of the last 25 to 30 years of relative business emancipation hiding under their shoulder pads, slicking on the lipstick and hobbling around in high heels, only to be castigated as "men in skirts" and other such derogatory delights.

Mega-wealthy manager of the utilities conglomerate that later became General Electric? Do people seem slightly apprehensive and somewhat cautious in your presence? Examples of good practice and gaps in practice were drawn from the presenter's own context. Humour as playing with patterns Humour may be understood as the playful rearrangement of patterns -- or as associated with that rearrangement.

It lightens the mood, puts people at ease and cuts down on the intimidation factor that powerful leaders face with employees, customers, vendors, partners, everyone.

We must also be able to move the focus of our attention rapidly back and forth between some subset of these alternate patterns.


Many philosophers - contrary to a widespread prejudice - have a sense of humour. Bus transportation will be used only when work schedules require such travel. In this way if counteracts the cognitive "compaction" and collapsing into one dimensional "paper cut out" patterns characteristic of a "flatland" of lower epistemological dimensionality.

The Germans never laughed at Hitler and neither did the Soviet people laugh at Stalin Given the valued role of humour in the domains noted above, what is most curious is the transformation of the creative, playful "meta-process" into the static, stilted forms with which they are commonly associated: President of the largest gas-electric utility company?

It is a privilege when we have the opportunity to lead a team of people, but with it comes many responsibilities, chief of which, some leadership pundits would contend, is managing moods. It also means having a composed and cheerful view on adversity that allows an individual to see its light side and thereby sustain a good mood.

If that takes too long, send yourself a few messages. Hone your intuitive ability, and listen to those hunches that hint to you that something in your behavior and actions on bad days is causing a ripple effect on others.A truck driver stopped for a meal at and was just served when a huge caravan of Hells Angels roared in.

As the gang entered the restraunt, everyone but the truck driver quickly paid thier bills and  · We support scholars researching humour-related topics by offering a program of annual conferences and other resources, including links to the International Society for Humor / In the s, humour (now spelled humor in the United States) at last came to mean the quality that makes something amusing or laughable, as well as the ability to amuse others and to appreciate those things that are amusing—that is, a sense of humor.

hu•mor (ˈhyu mər; often ˈyu-) n.  · Transcript of Qualities and successful sports leaders. Personality - communicate well to different groups of people, get on well with others, approachable and understanding to discuss any possible issues (might be sensitive) and good with discipline (health and safety).

Humour: Learning Objectives: Leadership style: Command (Autocratic The potential of the dynamic attitude associated with humour is explored here as a means of sustaining the level of playful engagement in innovative change processes. This is contrasted with the tendency to quench enthusiasm through commitment to inflexible patterns that are increasingly Humour, energy, deep research and relevant content for our audience.

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Humour and leadership
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