Essay on pollution and its harmful effects

Dickens and Engels wrote eloquently of the wretched conditions spawned by the Industrial Revolution. It is clear, based on environmental issues that have plagued this Earth for decades that population growth has long-lasting effects on the environment.

Burning fewer fossil fuels. Population growth in the Charleston area is exceeding the availability of land for the people that are relocating here.

Another reason of too much pollution is the absence of plants and trees.

The effects of Air pollution

Although inhabited and remote, South Sentinel island is covered with plastic! Some of the plastic litter is decades old.

Essay on Air Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control of Air Pollution

The world has witnessed massive deforestation to expand absorb the growing population and their demands. In Jordan, recreational activities contribute up to 67 percent of the total discharge of marine litter.

Lawmakers should work with agricultural experts to come up with ways, like alternatives to pesticides or irrigation, to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable while farming. This is acceptable within certain limits, given the capacity of air, water and land to absorb, dilute, carry away and otherwise render pollutants harmless.

However, with a few lifestyle changes and initiatives from the government, this does not have to be the case forever. These fires can either be forest fires, oil well fires, burning of leaves in the backyard or as in the case of rural areas, large-scale burning of agricultural waste. That is 25 percent of the globe.

Sources million tons per year is our estimated plastic consumption, 6 billion, is the estimated world population United States Census Bureau, as of October Even though these researches have been conducted on nurdles, it is crucial to keep in mind, as Dr.

This movement sometimes brings the Western Garbage Patch within nautical miles of the California coast and causes extraordinary massive debris pile-ups on beaches, such as in the Hawaiian Islands and Japan.

These qualities are the same things that attract big industry such as Boeing, Volvo Cars, and Mercedes Benz to our beautiful city. Carbon monoxide is able to displace oxygen in the blood which in turn can result in cardiovascular and neurological effects.

While, it cannot be totally eliminated because of the industrial expansion and the ever increasing number of motor vehicles, some measures can be devised to reduce the menace.

Noise Pollution: Definition, Sources and Effects of Noise Pollution

The polluted water supply results in epidemic like cholera, jaundice and gastroenteritis etcs. I also suggest something a tad outlandish. The scientific approach for considering noise as a pollutant is by decibel. Inside was murky seawater with hundreds of fragmented plastics pieces: Air pollution is a chief environmental health problem.

Worldwatch Institute — January This project would create jobs and support agriculture making our country and Earth a more secure place for future generations.


It is estimated that of the 1. This rapid population spike means there will be more people who need more houses that need more land. Your company helped me to pass many courses successfully and improve my reputation.

Matt Cardy About 80 percent of all tourist flock to coastal areas.It takes hundreds, if not thousands, of years for plastic products to decompose, yet humans come in contact with them for only a fraction of plastics’ total lifespans.

Essay on “Pollution” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Consumers use plastics for. Essay No. Science- A Blessing or A Curse. Science has revolutionized the human existence.

What is Pollution?

Much of the progress that mankind has made in different fields right from the stone age to the modern age is due to the progress made in the field of science. May 01,  · Air pollution is due to the direct implication of industrialization. The chimneys of industries emit smoke and vehicles have fumes, which directly contribute to air pollution.

Negative Population Growth Negative Population Growth, Inc. (NPG) is a national nonprofit membership organization with over 30, members. It was founded in to educate the American public and political leaders regarding the devastating effects of overpopulation on our environment, resources, and standard of living.

PTE Academic most repeated essay writings with helpful tips provided and essay solution to form a complete essay using the hints given. Essay on Environmental Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solution Category: Blog, Environment On February 5, By Ankita Mitra Environmental pollution refers to the introduction of harmful pollutants into the environment.

Essay on pollution and its harmful effects
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