Describe the community you live in

Being able to talk convincingly with the media about the community. Does it seem to have a lot of environmental impact -- noise, air or water pollution, smells, heavy traffic?

Often the best way to find out about the community is simply to observe. Censusfrom state and local government websites, or from other government agencies. I have found, though, that most of the people in my "town" are a bit more thoughtful and considerate than those in the surrounding towns.

How would you describe your ideal city or town?

Make an appointment to talk to one or more local government officials. Often the best way to find out about the community is simply to observe. In still others, the emphasis is on power itself, so that political decisions are made specifically to keep a particular party, group, or individual in control.

The last word here is that this shouldn't be the last community description you'll ever do. They should have competition once in a while. Are there good services available?

Does the community offer incentives to developers, and, if so, for what? It'll bring a lot of people together and spend more time outside then inside. Go to open meetings of the city council, town boards, board of selectmen, or other bodies, as well as to public forums on proposed actions, laws, and regulations.

Do many buildings include public spaces -- indoor or outdoor plazas where people can sit, for example?

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What, if any, business or industry is the community's base? What kind of industry exists in the community? Department of Health and Human Servicessimilar websites in other countries, and the various agencies of the United Nations. There are various types of surveys.

These may also encompass community theater and music companies run and staffed by community volunteer boards and performers.

Describe your Community

Who are the major employers? It entails becoming part of another culture, both to keep people in it from being influenced by your presence and to understand it from the inside.

She frequently gives Jonas advice about the worries and fears he faces as he grows up. Census, various categories can be combined, so that you can, for example, find out the income levels in your community for African American women aged with a high school education.

Obviously, only in the first case is the public well served.

The point of doing it is to have a picture of the community at a particular point in time that you can use to provide a context for your community assessment and to see the results of whatever actions you take to bring about change.

The question of who wields the real power in the community is another that may rarely be answered, or at least not answered in the same way by a majority of community members.Nov 12,  · Jonas wanted to save Gabe and he wanted to live in a different world where you can make choices and decisions.

Also so he can see color AND. You can use many different adjectives to describe the community in which you live. Some examples could include descriptions about the size of the community, or the number of homes and families, etc. Great question, a tiny bit difficult to answer.

I think that a person's answer to this question would change as they mature and grow older. Someone in their early 20's may want to live in a big.

A community is a group of people who share something. That something may be religion, culture, government or any combination of the three.

Therefore, in order to describe a community, it is first necessary to define the community. Beyond the gamescape, describe the community you live in and explain how you would apply your new understanding of sustainability to your own community. What I used in the game to balance the Environment, Economic, and pubic out equally was.

To communicate a sense of a community in which one lives, it would be effective to describe the government structure, layout, civic organizations, general aesthetics, educational system and what types of people live there.

Describe the community you live in
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