Classroom observation report

He made specific motivation for the lesson. At the end, I am going to present my own considerations about the whole teaching-learning process that I could observe during these two classes.

He then reminded the even though it was in the end of the lesson.

How to Write an Observation Report for a Classroom

Color of the class: Then he also asked the students to discuss about the review they have made for their friend, even though only for a short time, but I think because that was not the focus of the lesson, so it was fine.

Are the paragraphs well developed?

Classroom Observation Report

The teacher gave almost about 20 minutes I think he gave to long time for the students to for the students to work on this task. The teacher started the first part of the class making a summarized presentation of the four kinds of conditionals in the English language.

The wooden chair and a table are in the front side of the class. But students seemed not to understand it completely, so the teacher explained everything again.

Have you ever been their? In this observation, I Classroom observation report that the teacher really wanted to keep the students progress, from one step to another step, and that was why he wrote down the activity they will have a long a week during this term period.

Many teachers prefer to instruct frontally, but teachers should bring in audio-visual materials, worksheets, Internet sources and outside speakers to strengthen lesson plans and motivate the students.

A minimum of one formal classroom observation and three informal observations is required. And if you have questions, we are always here to help!

He also asked the students to analyze their own essay, and then work in peer and collaborate with other students. Currently the school has one principal, three vice-principals and approximately 65 full time teachers.

How Do You Write an Observation Report for a Classroom?

They work on the same packet each time. She teaches 3rd grade language arts. Even though most of the schools demographics is Hispanic during my observations hours I have noticed that there are many subcultures within the student body. The teacher asked them what they understood and some students talk a little about the audio.

Be completely objective in your tone and approach. The way he punished writing they did in the previous meeting. Evaluative observations of a teacher may begin as soon as the teacher has completed his or her Initial Planning Conference and must be completed by the first Friday in June.

Classroom Observations

The teacher gave students 1 minute to read the questions and then, she played the second part of the audio. The class consisted of 15 students, came from different national background. Most of the time, the environment of the class was a complete silence, in which the only person who made comments was the teacher.

After seeing the homework copies, he stood up from her chair and started lesson. His face, attitude, behavior, talking shows that he is confident, confident about his expertise and controlling power.

The teachers desk is located in the back of the classroom and surprisingly it does not have a computer. This was actually a good example of applying multiple intelligence techniques in the process of teaching and learning English as a second language, especially in the ESL writing class.

Your classroom observation or teacher evaluation forms can be built from scratch with our super easy form builder. I believe this to ultimately be more of a benefit to the student than it is to the look for in a classroom observation report Not everyone is familiar with the classroom observation as a form of instructor evaluation.

7 Things Principals Can Do to Make a Teacher Observation Valuable

Below are some guiding questions to support your navigation through the classroom observation report. 1.

Elementary Classroom Observation Essay Sample

Did the reviewer and reviewee identify specific areas for the focus of the. Writing an observation report for a classroom involves taking accurate notes during the classroom visitation, organizing the report around the most relevant issues, and writing the report.

Student Information/ Behavior Observation Templates (classroom, bus, etc.) sleeping in class bullying others ethnic intimidation. 6 Policy Violation: Please check all that apply to this student. assault (attach copy of report card) drop in grades. /Classroom Observation Form-DI—Used with permission Acknowledgements: This instrument was created with Carol Tomlinson by Strategic Research, LLC as part of a program evaluation contracted by the Richland 2 School District in Columbia, South Carolina.

Classroom Observation Report Essay - When thinking about the nature of students, I think about how the students behave. I believe that the behavior of students as a group reflects eclecticism meaning that every child behaves differently although every behavior can be integrated.

Classroom Observations. Classroom Observation FAQs; Request Classroom Teaching Observation; You will be contacted by an observer to set up a pre-observation conference and the classroom observation dates.

Do not write a report for the teacher. Rely on oral feedback.

Classroom observation report
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