Cerebrovascular accident

Check if one side of the face droops. These tests may include one or more of the following: It occurs when blood flow to a part of the brain is suddenly stopped and oxygen cannot get to that part. If you or someone in your family has had a stroke, be sure to tell your doctor.

Heart disease, such as coronary artery disease.

Cerebrovascular Accident Nursing Care Plan & Management

Aneurysm clipping is done to block off the aneurysm from the blood vessels in the brain. Low blood glucose levels may cause symptoms similar to those of a stroke. Contact us for free information or to start a free case review.

Monitor and control your blood sugar level if you have diabetes. People who are allergic to iodine or shellfish lobster, crab, or shrimp may be allergic to some dyes. Over half of people who have a stroke are able to function and live at home.

Echocardiography Echocardiography EK-o-kar-de-OG-ra-feeor echo, is a painless test that uses sound waves to create pictures of your heart. You or a close family member has had a stroke.

The other kind, called hemorrhagic strokeis caused by a blood vessel that breaks and bleeds into the brain. There are two kinds of stroke. In intra-arterial thrombolysis, a long flexible tube called a catheter is put into your groin upper thigh and threaded to the tiny arteries of the brain.

Make heart-healthy eating choices. Your long-term outlook after a stroke depends on a few factors: Outlook Prognosis How well a person does after a stroke depends on: Following a heart-healthy lifestyle can lower the risk of stroke. This material must not be used for commercial purposes, or in any hospital or medical facility.Being this the scenario prevalent in the Indian population, there finds the relevance of this study aimed to find whether any relation exists between the duration of hypertension, diabetes mellitus and the onset of cerebrovascular accident in our community.

CEREBROVASCULAR ACCIDENT Cerebrovascular accident, termed as “brain attack,” is also referred to as Stroke. Stroke is a sudden loss of function resulting from a disruption of the blood supply to a localized part of the brain.


A Case of Cerebrovascular Accident 1 Ischemia- An inadequate blood supply to an organ or part of the body. infarction- the obstruction of the blood supply to an organ or region of tissue. cerebrovascular accident listen (seh-REE-broh-VAS-kyoo-ler AK-sih-dent) In medicine, a loss of blood flow to part of the brain, which damages brain tissue.

Esta página contiene información general y técnica sobre el accidente cerebrovascular.

Cerebrovascular Accident Prognosis

Los ataques al corazón y los accidentes cerebrovasculares suelen ser fenómenos agudos que se deben sobre todo a obstrucciones que impiden que la sangre fluya hacia el corazón o el cerebro. Stroke (also called a "cerebrovascular accident," or CVA) is a disease of the blood vessels in and around the brain.

It occurs when part of the brain does not receive enough blood to function.

Cerebrovascular accident
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