Butcher of the somme essay

However, they were much mistaken.

Haig: Butcher of the Somme Essay

Showing his commitment and dependence on his weaponry. Conclusion There is little doubt that Haig was a great soldier and won many battles for the British Force. Number of Germans reduced?

It appeared that his idea of wearing down the enemy forces was to let his troops get shot at. Different people have their different evidences for that. The British Government attempted to make trench warfare seem a lot less bad than it actually was, due to the need for new troops, as a persuasion tactic, to ease relatives and assurances for country.

Did not know exactly what was happening? Here are some pieces of evidence to support this point of view. However, many other more reliable sources also blame Haig, such as source 7 and 11 on pages 42 and 43 of the text book, which were written by soldiers involved in the war.

Then in the summer of Haig was officially made to lead the British into battle near the River Somme.

Does Haig deserve his reputation as “Butcher of the Somme” - Assignment Example

Now turning to the Regimental Sergeant- Major what is the second difference? But even though he was victorious there was a very high number of casualties. I will talk about the evidences and explain why many people view both sides and if he deserves the title or not.

His aims meant he acted sloppily and disregarded the lives of the troops. In some ways these consequences were opposed by better and brighter things, but not forgotten. There are more and more evidences to support both sides of opinion. So if there are many losses he cannot be blamed.

My last point is that if World War 1 had not ended the way it had due to Douglas Haig, then the Treaty of Versailles would not have been agreed about Germany without Germany present. This was not planned for. Should he have asked or should he have been told?Essay on Battle of the Somme - The Battle of the Somme epitomizes the harsh realities of trench warfare for the Allies and represents the negligent battle planning and technological advancements that are associated with the stalemate of World War One.

The casualties at the Somme were heavy, but only by the standards of previous British wars. British casualties at the Somme were similar to the losses which German, Austrian, Russian and French troops had suffered in many of the battles of Essay Sample Haig was appointed commander of the army on 10th of Decemberand he had had a very successful military career.

Haig decided to attack the Germans at the river Somme in to attract German soldiers from the town of Verdun where they were fighting the French and had almost broken through.

How far does General Haig deserve to be known as ‘The Butcher of the Somme’? The Battle of the Somme was the most costly battle in terms of. Introduction General Haig's title of 'butcher of the Somme' originated after the First World War, when, due to a large number of casualties Britain suffered from the war and mostly the Somme.

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Butcher of the somme essay
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