An analysis of the war and the principles of the positive and negative impacts of the war event

If you interviewed a thousand combatants in various wars, you would find it difficult to find any who would want to go through combat a second time. Many of who lost their lives.

What are the negative and positive effects of war?

So not a waste of moneyunless you think education is a waste. Although, Mexico used force to protect its territorial integrity, the United States only engaged in the war to expand its territory. First, they wasted so much money and precious human lives on the war and now they are wasting more money on this museum to make people remember of such bad memories.

The approximately 8 million Jews who were killed by the Nazis would have been only a minor number had the Nazi regime succeeded in its goal of controlling western and eastern Europe. Globalisation and cultural boundaries In addition, globalization has resulted in the loss of cultural boundaries.

The question of positive and negative effects of war is primarily dependent upon the nature of a particular war, but one can argue with certainty that all wars have disastrous effects on both the combatants and civilians, and a few wars have some positive outcomes.

This, in some cases, has lead to impaction of entire regions at a time, causing the benefits to go beyond national boundaries. The bloodshed, the grief of families, the pillaging, the destruction, the violence, and its works and its crimes The issue might be better phrased as, "Is a particular war justified by its potential benefits?

So shut up if u dont know that americans are planning to rule the world. All these, coupled with shocks in the global economy and the act of outsourcing have led to the laying off of thousands of workers who previously worked in the big multinational companies resulting in mass unemployment.

As a vet you can get in to see what a wonderful museum it is cheaper than others. Taking a more critical look at this, globalization itself cannot be held responsible for most of the poverty in developing countries as other factors such as bad governance, poor economic policies, weak reforms, etc have also implicated.

I did see on their website where it says that without him and Tom Brokaw the museum may not even exist. In this way they became second-class citizens. The indigenous people suffered a great deal from the war since they were forced to assimilate into the United States and become lower-class citizens with virtually no rights.

What Are the Negative Effects of War on Economy?

Although several African economies initially benefited from globalization as there was a transient economic growth, over the years, they have become heavily dependent on the wealth of well developed nations Lawal It is almost full.

And now I heard that they are expanding the World War 2 Museum. During the war, the daily paper, "El Republicano" stated, "No one had any doubts about the intentions the Washington cabinet has had now for some time with respect to Mexico The war was primarily a territorial dispute caused by the United States' policy of manifest destiny.

One is an increase in employment opportunities for the indigenes as there is creation of more jobs. Globalization on its own has a lot of gains and benefits, but due to the influence of some other factors and especially the nature and structure of most developing nations, it impacts negatively despite its advantages.

Another positive impact of globalization on developing countries is an increase in standard of living.Both nations, especially Mexico, endured hardships following the two year war. There were positive and negative effects on the United States following the Mexican-American War.

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The war was the first time the United States fought on foreign territory and occupied another nation's capital. Positive impact of World War 2-The United Nations was established to facilitate international co-operation and avert future conflicts.

The United States, the Soviet Union, China, the United Kingdom and France became the permanent members of this International Council. The Negative And Positive Effects Of War by:Lindsay McClain War is one of the great agencies by which human progrees is effected. It causes national growth and solves problems of.

Apr 16,  · The need for supplies during the war ended the Great Depression, woman were working outside the home, patriotism was up and after the war you have the beginning of the baby boomers, people are buying things, the US is loaded with cash strange how Status: Resolved.

What are the negative and positive effects of war?

Oct 27,  · This study analyses the relationship between war and population. The impact of the growth and decline of population on important types of warfare—great power, small power, civil war as well as terrorism—is illustrated, with the objective in each case to be descriptive of risk.

Reports have shown that the negative effects of war on economy include increased public debt, increased levels of taxation and inflation.

The negative effects of war on economy are due to the macroeconomic effects of the United States government spending .

An analysis of the war and the principles of the positive and negative impacts of the war event
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