A research on the loma prieta earthquake

Other damage included cracked walls and foundations and broken underground pipes. The percentage breakdown by discipline is shown in Figure This number may be even larger, as studies of various multipurpose, multi-lifeline components are not included in this estimate.

With the exception of the San Fernando earthquake, the Loma Prieta event is responsible for the largest data set on earthquake damage to underground pipelines. The city points out that where improvements were inadequate to begin with, there needs to be funding for "betterment" through some kind of a loan program, perhaps by the state.

It was rush hour, and game three of the World Series was taking place at Candlestick Park. They can speak with more authority than I with regard to many aspects of the topic.

We superimposed the two maps, using only the stream, the old road and the location of the house to guide the overlay, and found that these fractures are nearly identical, but the fracure was longer and had more offset.

Seven other speakers will address this same topic as discussants of this paper or in a panel this afternoon. Or phrased another way, what suggestions have been put forward for improvements? This pertains to building inspectors and engineering geologists especially.

Effects were noted up to 88 km from the epicenter. The National Academies Press. For example, it is reported that estimators for FEMA, often from another part of the country, were unfamiliar with local building costs and therefore did not properly value the cost of rebuilding.

Unlike other nearby high gain seismographs that were overwhelmed driven off scale by the large magnitude mainshock, the four accelerometers captured a useful record of the main event and more than half an hour of the early aftershock activity.

Given the intense pressures local jurisdictions are under after an earthquake to allow rebuilding in hazardous areas, the Santa Cruz County report goes further and recommends state support in establishing regulations to govern building in hazardous areas and also in financial measures to help solve difficult situations through engineering remedies and relocation of development.

The new solutions are generally perceived to be more consistent with local desires. Between and there were 20 widely varying forecasts that were announced, with some that were highly specific, covering multiple aspects of an event, while others were less complete and vague. Community residents, ranging from persons living in the immediate vicinity to contractors and other individuals with specialized equipment, volun- Page Share Cite Suggested Citation: All of the fire departments resources were being exhausted in efforts to remove hazards and rescue trapped people.

However, an important lesson this earthquake brought out is that physical earthquake effects such as damage and loss of utilities were by no means the sole factor explaining evacuation. As noted in the original review, this figure does not incorporate monies routed by funded organizations e.

Their conclusions, based on evaluations of 39 jurisdictions in seven counties, was that by and large no significant advancements took place. They contain almost pages written by investigators of the earthquake. The foregoing observations and many others that relate to this topic indicate a need to carefully consider the rebuilding process that a community will have to go through after a major earthquake, but such consideration needs to be well in advance of the event.

Given the location and view direction of this photograph, the fracture must trend nearly north-south. Heavy volumes led to dial tone delays, which in some cases impacted emergency communications activities, and there were several days of service degradation during peak load times EERI, It states that existing policies allowed response with relatively few surprises but that when new technical information indicated a need to modify policies and make them more restrictive, major difficulties arose.

They review the challenges confronted by police and fire departments and disruptions to transbay transportations systems. Los Gatos appointed the Earthquake Restoration Committee already mentioned. Farther away from the Santa Cruz Mountains, pieces of concrete fell from a parking structure at the Sunnyvale Town Centera two-level shopping mall in Santa Clara County.

This approach is similar to that used by emergency-response personnel but aimed at the first several years after an earthquake rather than the first several days. John Archea interviewed 41 Santa Cruz residents who were in their homes at the time of the earthquake, obtaining detailed reconstructions of what people did during the shaking period.

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Reconstruction of the Watsonville low-pressure system was complete within three weeks, affecting customers. Subdivisions and building permits should be subjected to rigorous requirements for geologic information, and that information should be reviewed by qualified geologists on behalf of local jurisdictions.

Hard-hatted factory workers continued their volunteer operation nonstop until October 21,when they were forced to pause as U. The organizational structure needed to guide intensive rebuilding efforts needs to be defined and the rules for its operation established.

1989 Loma Prieta earthquake

Second, I will try to emphasize those lessons that may not be covered by others addressing this same subject area.Geophysical Research Letters publishes high-impact, innovative, and timely communications-length articles on major advances spanning all of the major geoscience disciplines.

Papers should have broad and immediate implications meriting rapid decisions and high visibility. The October 17,Loma Prieta earthquake of magnitude provided a harsh reminder of the hazards associated with life on a major plate boundary.

The scientific lessons of the earthquake are. Historical Research in the Loma Prieta Area The San Francisco earthquake was the first scientifically studied earthquake in the U.S. The report written about the earthquake by the California State Earthquake Investigation Commission (SEIC), edited by Andrew Lawson (), is a landmark scientific document.

Loma Prieta earthquake of A discussion of the lessons learned from the Loma Prieta (San Francisco–Oakland) earthquake of Displayed by permission of The Regents of the University of California. The Loma Prieta earthquake was named for Loma Prieta Peak in the Santa Cruz Mountains, which lies just to the east of the mainshock epicenter.

The measurement instrument was a single-axis search-coil magnetometer that was being used for low frequency dominicgaudious.net affected: Central Coast (California), San Francisco Bay Area, United States.

The National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research also provided support for reconnaissance studies, longer-term research, and other activities, including partial funding for a conference on post-earthquake housing issues that focused on the Loma Prieta earthquake as well as other recent U.S.

earthquakes (National Center for Earthquake.

A research on the loma prieta earthquake
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